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Once you finished the music production, recording and mixing there is one final step to the process before distribution which is audio mastering. Music producers, songwriters, A&R companies and record labels use mastering to balance out the sonic elements of a mix and optimize level on all playback systems. Mastering is done using audio processing tools like equalization, compression/limiting,  and stereo enhancement.

Mastering takes your music to the next level in regards to sonic quality and your career. Often, it is hard to achieve a professional master in your home studio as a independent artist. i2 Mastering is here to support the music production of all types of artists and companies by delivering the best sounding masters for your project. 

Founded by long time mastering engineer Ike Iloegbu in 2013, i2 Mastering will ensure that your project sounds amazing on all sound systems. Wether you need your music mastered to vinyl, iTunes, Spotify or CD our work will make your songs stand above the rest and compete with the very best. Read more about Ike’s mastering process and other great mastering engineers from around the world on Native Instruments website. Get your next project mastered with us at i2 Mastering.


The Mastering Process


Audio Mastering session in Pro Tools



Can I release my music without MASTERING?

This is highly unrecommended as your music wouldn't sound effective to your fans and listeners. It can be difficult to compete with commercial quality music with out proper audio mastering. For a better understanding to achieve better masters for your demos read Ike's article on


We believe that the mastering process works better with proper communication on the creative output the artist and/or the music producer. Each song is deserving of it's own mastering approach for the best result. You are welcome to come in for an attended-mastering session as well as remote sessions via source connect. 

Four easy steps

1. Create your music

Before we begin the mastering process, the most important step is recording and producing your musical composition from any studio on earth, even our own. Wether you are in a home studio or million dollar space i2 Mastering can ensure the delivery of your high-definition professional audio masters. You can start your music production anywhere in the world! Let i2 Mastering take you to the finish line when your ready for your final audio masters. 


2. Upload your files

Have you finished recording your music, please compress all your audio files into one zip files in which you can send it directly to Ike’s email: [email protected]. At that point your google drive folder will be made where you will have access to your files and its updates. It is essential that you read our terms of service as well as our FAQ page. 

3. I master & Deliver

Our online mastering process has been made simple and effective with a formula that has been proven countless of times in the past. We communicate with the music producer, music artist or label on the creative vision for the project. Ike will then evaluate the song(s) and apply compression, equalization and stereo tools to enhance the sonic quality. A bounce of your masters would be done and immediately sent over to the email provided.

4. Revise

Download the final masters from your folder on Google Drive. At this point, you can start the revision process by noting the changes you will like to see happen via email, free of charge. It is that simple. You are welcome to call Ike directly to express any feelings you have on the delivery. Start your projects today and see why we are one of the best mastering studios in New York City. The main aim of i2 Mastering is to ensure that the mastering services we offer are top notch among others who master music online.

Our Pricing


2-Track File.



4-6 Tracks max.


"The best mastering engineer i ever worked with. And i tried hiring the top engineers in the business, Ike is work tops them all by far."

How our MASTERING studio can improve your music?

While you may have the talent to create great music that has the potential to be loved by millions around the world, a mastering engineer will make your creative works sonically presentable throughout all audio systems including clubs and festivals, car systems, headphones and television.

We listed some bullet point below how our mastering can technically imporve the quality of your music:

  1. Controlling dynamics: It is important that your music louder parts isn’t far greater than the softer parts. This ensures a great listening experiences for your fans.
  2. Balancing your mix: We analyze the low frequencies and high frequencies and implement a series of techniques that would sonically balance your mix to taste.  
  3. Proper loudness: In order to achieve a commercial level loudness for your music we have to use audio processing tools like equalization, compression, limiting and saturation. We have a 100% guarantee that your track will be just as loud and impactful as your favorite artists today. 
  4. Stereo image enhancement: We put effort into analyzing each songs stereo image and decide how we can either make elements wider or narrow (in your face) in the speakers. 
  5. Control peaking resonance: High peak values can have a negative impact on the way your music sounds on speaker systems. Sometimes these peaks are not as audible to the human ear but can still have a great impact on your mix. Our world class compressors and audio processing tools will be able to handle these peaks with ease.

Do I Need To Master my music?

Many recording artists and music producers have similar questions. Is mastering important? Does mastering make a difference? Do I need to master my music at a mastering studio? What is the point of mastering?

Like recording and mixing, mastering is a necessary process during the music production phase. The only way to prepare your music for distribution and being competitive with top songs in the genre is through mastering. The point of mastering is to implement audio processing techniques to music for a enhanced listening experience for your fans and listeners. 


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