One of Brooklyn's Most-Trusted Mastering Studio

The driving factor behind every all-time hit song is the music. At i2 Mastering, we strive for high-quality sonic aesthetics for every song. Our professionally trained engineers has the abilities to make your audio ideas come to life. Our Mastering Studio is located in East Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York. Book your session today and experience your music like never before.



World-class music equipment

We own the latest audio software and analog gear to fine tune the specific needs of albums, music singles, artistic visions and other audio projects presented to i2 Mastering. Our commitment to owning state-of-the-art audio gear is based on the ability for each client to be competitive with todays sound. Schedule your free tour of our Mastering Studio. 



Your Teammate, Your Mastering Engineer

Owner of i2 Mastering is a experienced mastering engineer with over 10 years working in the music business. He is a proud member of the recording academy with credits from artists and companies around the world. Read more about Ike Iloegbu and other accomplished Mastering Engineers on Native Instruments website



Listen For Yourself

We have had the upmost pleasure and honor to work with many talented artist over the years. Our Spotify playlist consist of songs recorded, mixed or mastered by Ike Iloegbu at i2 Mastering. This playlist is used to showcase the general audio quality of our works. Feel free to follow artist that you like on this playlist.