i2 Mastering studio was created in 2018 by mastering engineer Ike Iloegbu.  Artist and companies from all over the world has worked with Ike which includes HBO, Atlantic records, Microsoft, 4ad and many independent recording artist especially in New York City. With over 15 years of audio engineering experience, Ike uses the techniques he has developed to deliver high-quality sounds back to each client. As a proud member of the recording academy, Ike takes great pleasure each year in placing his vote in for Grammy Award Winners. Our studio also has the ability to consider projects to be nominated for Grammy Awards as well. In 2022, i2 Mastering opened a new studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn which was customized and built by Ike Iloegbu. Over $5,000 was donated by artist Ike worked with throughout the years. Our goal is to help our clients achieve a competitive yet personalized sound with each project introduced to i2 Mastering. 

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