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Distribute high-quality audio files

Royalty streaming companies like Spotify and iTunes uses a normalization algorithm to sustain the same volume when listening to music. I2 Mastering provides audio masters upon delivery that has been tested and processed before distributing to online stores. 

Audio tools for a world-class sound

Processing your project with the best audio tools that the market offers is what your project deserves. With state-of-the-art equipment at i2 Mastering, we can put a more detailed focus on the harmonic treatment of sound with precise accuracy.  

Listen to our work

Over hundreds of projects completed with artists from around the globe. We invest time into each artist for success in the future.  You have a team member in i2 Mastering when you work with us. 

Connect from anywhere

Connect virtually into your session from anywhere. Take full advantage of being a part of the post-production process. Try it out now.

Other audio post-production services

Vocal Editing


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