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Streaming services normalizes all music to maintaining unity across their platform. As a result, your music quality may change for the worse. However, working with a professional mastering engineer would solve this issue. We work with the best mastering equipment and software to ensure a professional sound so your music can reach its max potential. We are located in New York City but work with artist around the world.

New York City Audio mastering services for music streaming platform.

Audio mastering equipment for a world-class sound

We own world-class mastering equipment. In addition, we years of experience working in the music industry. We dedicate our time to focusing on your music because your satisfaction is important. This is the core value of our company. As a result, our satisfaction rate remains high.

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Over hundreds of projects completed by artists from around the globe done at i2 Mastering. Our online audio mastering services have seen a high satisfactory rate throughout the years because we invest our time into our client’s careers. When you work together with i2 mastering, we become a team.

Mastering your music from anywhere

We are located in New York City, however our audio mastering services enables you to connect virtually from anywhere. Stream high-quality audio, watch your session in real-time, and above all, communicate with your engineer. In addition, we offer discount deals for our bundle packages. Our doors are open for you to take full advantage of our virtual connection services.

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