Is currently being built in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The space was purchased in early March of 2022 and is expected to be complete July 1st.  We can’t wait to get back to working with our family and friends, but until then, we will continue to construct an accurate and comfortable space to create music. Oh yea, we also built a recording booth!

Pictures to the left is the progress of construction in chronological order. We will continue to update photos.

THANK YOU for all the donations

Over 34 people has contributed to our Gofundme campaign. Together, we have raised 


Campaign Testimonials

Ike, and my team NYC A-list talent, have worked on over 100 songs together. He’s been an essential part of dozens of projects, offering expansive knowledge, creative problem solving, and beautiful energy, from conception, recording, mixing, and through mastering. He’s one of a kind. Let’s help him build the studio of his dreams to keep the music happening!!! Ray Cetta Creative Director, Togetherness Orchestra

Ray Cetta

Togetherness Orchestra

We support you brotha!!! Can’t wait to lock in with you once it’s all done!!!!


Ike is one of the most talented engineers out here. Phenomenal time every time we work together

Sol Miranda

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