A recording engineer made for your music

Searching for the right recording engineer for your project stops here.

Recording engineer Ike Iloegbu in a music studio

Hire your personal recording engineer.

New York based recording engineer, Ike Iloegbu is read to work on your music. Wether you book your session in New York or London, you are able to bring Ike.

Maximize your productivity with a veteran recording engineer by your side.

Recording your music with precision.

Experience a professional workflow catered to your creative world. Recording sessions are efficient because of the amount of experience Ike has with microphones, signal flow, and music technology.

Be able to capture your desired sound and explore your creativity.

Curious about the recording process?

Watch the making of 'Who I Am' by Xeno

Start recording

Are you a new customer? Before entering the studio to start working on your project, a video conference call is recommended!

Discussing projects and artist’s goals is the key to success. Call us anytime to start your project.

Jerron Love

Watch the music video to 'Wake Up'

Recording services includes

Full session delivery

Along with the 2-track bounce of the recording session, receive the Pro Tools file as well.

Session Stems

Receive the full multi-tracks of the recording session.

Record anywhere

Wether it is in Paris or New York, bring your personal engineer anywhere in the world.