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We don't only master your audio. Find us mixing your multi-tracks as well!

What's online audio mixing and mastering services?

Online mixing and mastering services occur when an audio engineer enters the post-production process remotely or under a virtual setting after a client uploads their project to the desired platform in use like Dropbox, Wetransfer, or Google Drive. Once completed, you wait for the delivery of your finished mix and master.

At i2 Mastering, we offer a discount as a bundle deal for the purchase of our mixing and mastering services. We work closely with our clients at each step to ensure exceptional results because that is the creative process needs.

It is no mistake that i2 Mastering clients combine millions of plays each year through stream platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. It is because we focus on the detail of the music adding elements that take your sound to professional levels.

This is our philosophy. Let’s talk about yours. We have 24/7 Customer Service.

Unlike most online mixing and mastering services, where they limit communication to an online chat, i2 Mastering uses all forms of communication, including video calls, phone calls, Whatsapp, and emails, because we care for your project and work together as a team in successfully achieving a professional sound.

Why mixing and mastering important in an artist’s career? The harmonic content of your music helps express the feeling through sections of the artist’s songs which helps the listener relate to your music much more.

You can take a listen to our sample work right here. We are available 24/7 and accept free consultation Skype calls about your upcoming project.

We accept all genres in music as well as podcasts, film, and tv projects. Let’s work today!

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Online audio mixing and mastering done right

Professional audio mixing takes your recordings to the next level! We mixed music projects for Blake Allen, Merty Shango, Mr. Jukeboxx, Michael Woods, and many more. We will continue to put maximum effort into mixing your multi-tracks and exceeding expectations.

All the audio mixing plugins to get the job done.

We are equipped with all the audio plugins for your needs. From distortion to compression tools, we got it all. Witness for yourself. Book our online mixing and mastering services today.

Audio plugins used by mix engineers

Sabine Kors

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Audio Mixing includes

High-quality WAV file

Listen to the details of your mix. Lets get ready for mastering

Unlimited revisions

Free revisions from up to 7 days after the delivery of the first final version.

Free alternate version

Get your song ready for the airwaves with a clean version.



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