'Sonatas' by Blake Allen One Year Anniversary

Award winning classical album composed by Blake Allen turned 1!

New York City's Classical Music Masterpiece

It has been over a year since the release of Blake Allen’s album ‘Sonatas’ to the classical music world, hich was recorded and mixed by Ike Iloegbu (me) and mastered by Dan Millice. It was a pleasure to be a part of such a creative, free-spirited recording session.

This album features extraordinary musicians, including Grammy-nominated pianist Christopher Kolzer, Violinist Emily Uematsu, and Celloist Susan Mandel. We captured musical tones during the 12-hour recording session in ways I never experienced before, from dramatic vibratos and plucking of Steinway keys.

In September 2020, ‘Sonatas’ made it to number 4 on Billboard classical album chart after. This came after the classical album topped the Apple Music Classical Music Album chart at number one.

You can purchase physical copies and sheet music of ‘Sonatas’. Blake hit series ‘An Evening With…’ runs bimonthly at Green Room 42 in New York City.

Super fun times!

Stream ‘Sonatas’ by Blale Allen:

Purchase ‘Sonatas’ by Blake Allen

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Ike Iloegbu

Ike Iloegbu

Ike Iloegbu is the chief audio engineer for i2 Mastering. He is the executive contributor to all blog publishing and content on i2mastering.com. For more information about i2 Mastering, contact Ike direct at ike@i2mastering.com.